Review for Het geheim van mijn moeder

Review for Het geheim van mijn moeder

Het geheim van mijn moeder I read this book in Dutch, but since I loved it so much, I will write my review in English, so that all my friends might be able to read the review and read this wonderful, special book.

This book isn’t big, it is a short book with only around 200 pages, most of the chapters are only about 1 to 4 pages long, but the whole thing, the whole book is just wow, it is beautiful and special.

It switches perspectives, starting with Helena, the daughter. She tells her story, about before the war, and how everything soon escalates and she and her mom hide people in their house. We then switch to those hidden people. 2 Jewish families and 1 German soldier. They tell us their stories, how their lives began, and how it all ended when they went hiding, and how they feel while hiding. And then we circle around and back to Helena and how the war proceeds.

I loved Francizka, she and her daughter were really really brave. In a time like that, in a house so small, they kept 2 families and 1 German soldier hidden and safe. They didn’t even care that they got people from both sides in their houses. They did their best for them, trying to feed them and make them feel at least a bit comfortable.

And when they (Helena, Francizka and the families and the soldier)finally are free, and they finally meet each other, then you hear how much they are connected. It was really special.

I also loved Casmir, how much he knew, and how much he loved Helena to keep it all secret. Ah, I was sooo happy they could be together at last.

It was a sad, but hopeful book, and I would truly recommend it to everyone I know. Read this, I am sure you will love it.

5 Stars

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