Review for Nederland

Review for Nederland

Nederland Since this is a book without words, I will write this review in English, so that my friends here can also read it. 🙂

This book, was stunning, beautiful, a true trip around my lovely country. I recognized a lot of things, and had fun finding things in all those illustrations. Illustrations about zoos, roads, cities. It was so much fun to search and find things.

I loved that a lot of the illustrations mixed old Dutch things with modern Dutch thing. That made the whole looking at illustrations more fun and wonderful. Like for example you would see an old Schoener but also motorboats. 🙂

Also there are various things that you can keep finding in every illustrations. Like Black Pete (Zwarte Piet), a balloon, a gnome and a whole lot more. I think I could keep looking and looking for days and still keep finding things.

I would truly recommend this book. With the book there is also a little booklet which explains and highlights some of the things in the book. So be sure to read that if it is included, and otherwise be sure to get the accompanying book that is also available.

5 Stars

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