Review for De gele ballon

Review for De gele ballon

De gele ballon Even though this book was in Dutch, I will write my review in English, because this book doesn’t contain words at all.

It is all just one big, lovely, gorgeous picture book.

And I really really enjoyed it. My boyfriend to by the way. We both had a very enjoyable time finding the yellow balloon, travelling with it as it went, and also finding some recurring characters throughout the book and see what happened to them (like the the thief, the man on the flying carpet and others).

The illustrations themselves are absolutely stunning, it is just a feast for the eyes to discover all the places, discover every little bit about every part of the world. We got the desert, with pyramids, camels and oasis, but you also got mountains, seas (with pirates!) and sooo much more.

I would truly recommend this to everyone. Though the book is short, believe me you will be spending hours on this book. 🙂 Finding new things every time. 🙂

5 Stars

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