Review for Palace of Stone (Princess Academy, #2)

Review for Palace of Stone (Princess Academy, #2)

Palace of Stone (Princess Academy, #2) I have waited for about 8 years for a sequel, constantly hoping there will be one. When I heard about the sequel last year, I was really fangirling and squealing.

First: Sorry for the chaotic review. 🙂

I got the book, and I put everything else on hold. I only do that for the special books. 🙂

And special it was, the book was wonderful. So happy to see everyone again, to read about Mount Eskel, to read about Miri. And of course rooting for Peder and Miri, because they just had to get together. 🙂

This time the book takes place in Asland, at the palace and the surrounding areas. Britta is about to get married to Steffan, and the Princess Ladies have to be there. So Miri and her friends set of for a few days trip and will be staying at the palace for a year. Miri is doubting if she wants to go, she doesn’t want to leave her father and her sister. But in the end she goes, promising she will write them letters and will send them when the spring comes and the traders go to Mount Eskel.

I loved the little letters we got at the end of the chapters. How Miri starts of insecure, worried and afraid, but in the end grows up and is more secure and sure of herself.

I was happy to see Miri got a chance to go to school (Queen’s Castle) and study. I loved the descriptions of the clothes, the library, the whole school. I wish I could go to such a school, it sounds really wonderful.

In this book we also got 2 boys, 1 is Peder and 1 is Timon. Miri is floating between them, unsure about her feelings.

Timon, well let say.. I was rooting for him the first part, but quite soon I was hoping he would just disappear. He was annoying and way to opiniated about political stuff.

On that note, I didn’t mind the political stuff much, though it got boring sometimes. I wish we more had a story about the romance between Peder and Miri. Miri and her friends and just a fun book. Now it was loaded with political stuff and for some parts I skipped it.
I can understand why it is needed, since we already knew about the problems with the King, and how he keeps overtaxing and getting more and more gifts while the rest of the country starved.

I loved the ending, Peder and Miri getting engaged/betrothed. Sooooo happy with that. Though Peder is a bit.. well typical guy stuff. 🙂 And I loved the kisses they shared.

Overall a good book. Romance, action, magic all combined in this book. I would recommend it. Though be sure to read the first book. You will be very confused if you enter this book without the knowledge of the first book.

5 Stars

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